St. Michael’s Garden

Nestled in the cool Stony Hills, St. Michael’s garden is a quaint gated community with 11 custom homes exquisitely designed around the artifacts from the property’s past.

Beauty amoungst the ruins.

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Hilltop Oasis

This upscale gated community sits on 4.5 acres of land which was once a monastery.  St. Michael’s Garden, will comprise of 11 custom designed homes circling a garden teeming with flora and fauna native to the area. The homes are designed around both outdoor living as well as in, featuring lush gardens and courtyards.

A Lifetime Ago

The property’s rich history lives on through the preservation of the stone ruins of the Great House which was once home to Jesuit Priests. The gentle architecture of the homes intertwine seamlessly with these features creating a balance between the old world and the new.


To create a sense of community while still maintaining the individual tastes of each owner the architect created a set of rules to govern the style of each home. It is flexible enough to give each homeowner an opportunity to make the structure their own, but rigid enough to keep the style of the homes cohesive. The result is a collection of homes that fit together seamlessly while showcasing individual aesthetics.

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